Face Reading, Dating, and Relationships Workshop

Face Reading, Dating, and Relationships Workshop

Finding, Connecting with, Understanding your Significant Other

Is your dating life a disaster? Are you struggling to find ‘The One’? It may be due to the fact that you are looking at the wrong things!

At this workshop, you will learn to identify the facial features that represent characteristics you find desirable in a mate, and why you may be struggling in your dating life.

You will also better understand your own intimacy style and requirements, and how they best coincide with others. By the end of this session, you will be able to know:

• Far more about your date than what their profile says about them

• Whether they are have a positive or negative outlook on life

• If they are open and receptive, or guarded and wary

• If they want to win every argument at all costs, or prefer to ‘get along’

• Whether they have clingy, balanced, or independent intimacy requirements

• Most importantly, you will gain a deeper, more compassionate understanding of who YOU really are.

This workshop can also help you better understand your current significant other, by identifying the reasons behind your conflicts, and learning coping mechanisms to mitigate them.

Recommended Prerequisite:
Introduction to Face Reading Workshop

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