Face Reading for Sales Workshop

Face Reading for Sales Workshop

Improving odds in sales by addressing prospects in their own ‘language’. Knowing how to read and understand your audience is paramount to sales success. Face Reading gives you the tools and skills required to know each and every person you meet better than their best friends know them, all before you’ve finished shaking hands. At this workshop, you will learn to identify and recognize certain traits and characteristics that will indicate:

• Whether your prospect prefers to make snap decisions or ‘think things over’
• If they are free spenders, of financially conservative
• If they prefer personal anecdotes, or hard data, facts, and numbers

• If status and prestige are important or irrelevant to them
• If they are open and receptive, or guarded and wary (particularly helpful when one instantly reverts to the other)
• In couples or groups, who is the decision-maker, who is playing Devil’s Advocate, who is the number-cruncher
• And much more!

Recommended Prerequisite:
Introduction to Face Reading Workshop

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