Face Reading for Service Providers

How to create an immediate connection and improve your customer’s buying experience. This course is similar to our Face Reading for Sales Workshop, but more focused on the shorter, more transactional aspects of Service Provider/ Customer interactions. Perfect for:

• Real Estate agents
• Restaurant wait-staff and front-of-house management
• Hair/nail salon personnel
• On-floor sales staff (from big-box stores to mom-and-pop shops) Providing a comforting, consultative environment in a face-to-face transaction is paramount to building customer loyalty, higher sales volume, a quality experience, and repeat sales. Knowing when to back off is just as important as knowing when to close a sale, if not more so, especially in today’s highly competitive, ‘one mistake and you’re done’ retail climate. Face Reading gives you instant access to information that helps you connect with your customer and provide them with assistance in a way that they can best receive and assimilate it.

At this workshop, you will learn to identify and recognize certain traits and characteristics that will help you determine:
• When to push for a ‘close’ and when to back off
• If money is their primary driver
• If they prefer quality over quantity
• When to highlight the drawbacks instead of the positives
• Counter-intuitive approaches that resonate with your customer
• How to tell if you’ve ‘lost them’ during the sales process
• In couples, which is the true decision maker (Hint: it’s usually not the one that says they are!)

Recommended Prerequisite:
Introduction to Face Reading Workshop

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