Human Resources and Face Reading Workshop

Human Resources and Face Reading Workshop

How to hire the right person for the right job. Face Reading will enhance the procedures and methods used during the hiring process, particularly in the initial screening of applications. Knowing whether a candidate has the general qualities and mindset for a particular job. Face Reading can help to reveal:

• If a prospect is telling the truth
• Perfectionist tendencies in a prospect
• Whether your candidate is an over-achiever
• A capacity (or disdain) for monotonous, repetitive work
• If someone is a ‘team player’ or prefers to work independently
• If a candidate is people-oriented, or would rather work with data, facts, and figures
• And much, much more

This workshop will not only benefit interviewers in finding the right candidate for a particular job, it can also be incredibly beneficial for those that are seeking new employment. By better understanding your interviewer, you can tailor your approach to best suit their communication style. Also, by watching for subtle, non-verbal signals, may even be able to tell if you have a good shot at getting the job, before the interview is even over!

Recommended Prerequisite:
Introduction to Face Reading Workshop

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