See Others the Way they See Themselves

At this workshop, you will learn the art and science behind this ancient skill, and in doing so, you will unlock a treasure trove of information about every person you know or meet. Within moments, and without the other person saying a word, you will be able to better understand their thinking style, how they process information, manifest their ideas, and communicate with their outside world. You will also better understand their intimacy style and requirements, whether they tend to be combative or consensus builders, and much, much more. This skill can help you better understand anyone on the planet with a face, and requires no input whatsoever from them, other than being in visual range. Before you leave this class, you will be able to quickly recognize and identify FIVE key features on virtually any face that will give you the following insights:

• A person’s mental outlook/ thinking style
• Whether they are naturally optimistic
• If they are introverted or extroverted
• If they are highly sensitive to criticism
• If they prefer confrontation or consensus You will also learn to see people from their own personal, internal world perspective, and an oftentimes contrasting external, business world perspective, and what each means to their approach and outlook.

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